About Us

Craft beer is defined as beer made in a traditional or non-merchandised way. At SysTech Stainless Works we strive to carry that same definition into our products and services. We are an American Fabricator of craft brewing equipment, all of  our products are designed, built and tested in our Canton, Ohio production facility.

The entire staff from Sales, Engineers, Fabricators, Welders, Electricians, to in-house Brewers are passionate about the industry and proud of what we do. We enjoy working with new and experienced brewers and have a passion for helping build breweries from the ground up. With the fabrication of our products we customize to fit your unique needs.


Our Mission

To provide a High Quality American Made product at an Honest Price, that exceeds customers' expectation without compromising on features or safety.


Quality Construction

SysTech Stainless Works uses heavy gauge food grade US304L stainless steel that is sheared, CNC Laser cut, and TIG welded using 308LSI filler rod. Vessels are formed using a digital hydraulic slip-roll that offers precise and consistent results. All internal welds and seams our ground to a sanitary food grade finish.  The outside is polished to a #4 brushed finish. All welds are electro-polished and passivated. Surfaces are electronically tested to verify passivation levels. We use American milled steel and as many American made parts and fittings as possible.