3 bbl Pilot Pro Brewing System

SysTech Stainless Works has designed our 3 bbl Pilot Pro System to be aesthetically appealing and extremely functional. The Pilot Pro Brewhouse operates exactly like our larger brewhouse which makes scaling from pilot batches to larger batches effortless. The Pilot Pro is not only good for test batches but also works great for smaller startup brewpubs. System is designed to be used with customer supplied instant hot water heater with a supply temperature of 180 degrees at 5-7 gallons per minute.

SysTech Stainless Works uses heavy gauge food grade US Milled 304L stainless steel that is sheared, CNC Water jet cut, and TIG welded using 308LSI filler rod.  All fittings, plumbing, and manways are machined and built from US Milled 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. Vessels are formed using a digital hydraulic slip-roll that offers precise and consistent results. All internal and external welds and seams are electronically cleaned and passivated using technology from Capital Weld Cleaners. The outside is polished to a #4 brushed finish. All tanks are cleaned and passivated using a nitric and phosphoric acid blend and electronically tested to verify passivation levels before shipping.

Boil Kettle:


120 Gallon Total Volume
Fire heated or electric
Exterior Polished to a #4 Brushed Finish
Flat lid with break apart hinges
4" TC Condensate Vent
Tangential whirlpool return
Rotating CIP ball with arm
Rotating pickup tube
Bottom center trub drain
Removable sight glass

Includes all fittings and valves


Mash/ Lauter Tun:


120 Gallon Volume Capacity
7 X 9 Rectangular Grain Out Manway
Flat top with break apart hinges
Wedge Wire False Bottom

Rotating CIP ball with arm
External Electric Calandria
Cold water blending valve
Vorlauf/sparge return assembly

Includes all fittings and valves



14.7 PSI
304 Stainless Steel
60 Degree Conical Bottom
Dome top

Jacketed Model Includes:
Dimple Cooling Jacket on Side Wall
3/4" Glycol Inlets and Outlets

Available in:
3 bbl - 115 Gallon Volume
3 bbl Uni-Tank Drawing
6 bbl - 230 Gallon Volume