7 - 10 bbl Brewhouse

SysTech Stainless Works has designed our 7 to 10 bbl system to be aesthetically appealing and extremely functional. Our 7 to 10 bbl Brewhouse includes standard features that offer time savings and efficiency for the smaller start up brew pubs and distribution breweries alike. Systems are offered in Steam, Indirect Fire, and Electric.

SysTech Stainless Works uses heavy gauge food grade US Milled 304L stainless steel that is sheared, CNC Laser cut, and TIG welded using 308LSI filler rod.  All fittings, plumbing, and manways are machined and built from US Milled 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. Vessels are formed using a digital hydraulic slip-roll that offers precise and consistent results. All internal and external welds and seams are electronically cleaned and passivated using technology from Capital Weld Cleaners. The outside is polished to a #4 brushed finish. All tanks are cleaned and passivated using a nitric and phosphoric acid blend and electronically tested to verify passivation levels before shipping.

  • Available in Steam, Indirect Fire, and Electric

  • Boil Kettle:
    • 12 Gauge 304L Stainless Steel Construction
      Double Walled and Insulated
      1 1/2" Polyurethane Insulation
      Dome Top with 18" Round Manway
      Dish Bottom with 1 1/2" Center Bottom Trub Drain
      2" TC Bottom Wort Drain with Proprietary Removable Trub Fence
      (Designed to keep Trub out of the wort drain and direct it towards the center of the kettle during whirlpool, to maximize wort clarity with minimal loss)
      1 1/2" TC Whirlpool Return
      1 1/2" TC Temperature Port
      1 1/2" TC Level Sensor Port
      Removable Level Gauge
      Rotating CIP Ball with CIP Arm Assembly
      6" TC Condensate Vent


      Electric Version:
      3 - 2" T/C 15,000 Watt Elements

      Indirect Fire Version:
      Enclosed Fire Box
      300,000 BTU Fire Blower

      Steam Heated Version:
      Separate Side and Bottom steam zones
      Dimple Steam Jacketing
      3/4 inch steam inlets and condensate return

  • Mash/ Lauter Tun:

    • 12 Gauge 304L Stainless Steel Construction
      Double Walled and Insulated
      1 1/2" Polyurethane Insulation
      Internal Welds Ground to a Sanitary Food Grade Finish
      17X13 Rectangular Grain Out Manway
      Dome Top with 18" Round Manway
      Trapazoidal V-Wire False Bottom
      Dish Bottom
      1 1/2" TC Bottom Drain Manifold pulls from 3 locations
      4" T/C Grain In and Hydrator Interface Port on Top
      Rotating CIP Ball with Arm Assembly

      External Electric Calandria
      Installed inline with the Sparge Line. In conjunction with the VFD controlled wort pump the External Electric Calandria allows for precise, gentle, and automatic control of mash temperatures.
      Stainless Steel Tube
      Enclosed 4500 Watt Element

    • 30 Gallon Wort Grant with high and low float switches for automatic control of the wort pump

  • Platform:

    • 304 Stainless Steel
      Non-slip Stainless Steel Deck and Steps
      Mounts for Control Panels

      Manifold and Plumbing Included For:
      Wort Pump In
      Wort Pump Out
      Boil Kettle Drain
      Mash Tun Drain
      Vorlauf/Sparge Return
      Heat Exchanger In
      Whirlpool Return