Control Systems

  • Brewhouse Controls
    • 16" X 20" X 8" Control Enclosure
      208 or 230 Volt Single Phase
      NEMA Rated and UL508A Listed Enclosure
      Wired to UL508A Standards

      7" Touch Screen Control
      App Available for Android and iPhone

      4 - Temperature Input Points
      3 - Heat Output Relays
      2 - Auxiliary Inputs for Optional Flow Meters
      2 - Variable Speed Drives for Pumps

      Additional temperature and control points can be added upon request at additional cost. 

      Includes all cables, probes, etc... 

      Must be hard wired to a disconnect by customer provided electrician. 


  • Cellar Temperature Controls
    • Tank Glycol Control
      • 1 needed per tank
        Clamps onto CIP arm to allow for easy and accurate control of cellar temperatures, right at the tank. Can easily network to our Cellar Control Pro touch screen monitor and phone app to allow for remote monitoring of cellar temperatures and alarms. (Requires the purchase of our network box with or with out touchscreen)
        NEMA4 Rated Enclosure
        UL Listed
        Dwyer TS-1
        Accurate PTC Thermistor Temperature Probe with 10ft Cable
        24 Volt Electric Ball Valve with 10ft Cable
        1 - 24 Volt Plug In Power Supply
    • Cellar Pro Control
      • 120 Volts, 15 Amps
        Controls 8 independent cooling zones.
        Connects to main Control Panel via Cat5e Cable
        Settings are accessible through main control panel touchscreen or the remote Android and iPhone app.

        6 - Temperature Probes
        6 - Solenoid Valves
        1000 foot box of bulk cable
        Includes field termination plugs for the connection to panel

        Main Control Panel is capable of supporting up to 3 temperature control panels.