Fermentation Vessels

SysTech Stainless Works provides both jacketed / insulated and single wall fermenters. Our fermenters are designed with a 25% head space which allows sufficient room for krausen and allows for a true nominal batch size after all yeast has dropped. Jacketed models come with a dimpled cooling jacket that is tested to 6X the operating pressure. 

SysTech Stainless Works uses heavy gauge food grade US Milled 304L stainless steel that is sheared, CNC Laser cut, and TIG welded using 308LSI filler rod.  All fittings, plumbing, and manways are machined and built from US Milled 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. Vessels are formed using a digital hydraulic slip-roll that offers precise and consistent results. All internal and external welds and seams are electronically cleaned and passivated using technology from Capital Weld Cleaners. The outside is polished to a #4 brushed finish. All tanks are cleaned and passivated using a nitric and phosphoric acid blend and electronically tested to verify passivation levels before shipping.

Our Fermenter Features:

  • 14.7 PSI
    304 Stainless Steel
    60 Degree Conical Bottom
    Dome top
    1.5 Inch Polyurethane Insulation
    Top Round Manway  (Front Shadowless Manway Available - $450)
    Dimple Cooling Jacket on Side Wall and Cone
    3/4" Glycol Inlets and Outlets
    Rotating CIP ball with arm assembly
    1.5" Tri-Clamp Port for Carbonation Stone
    1" Tri-Clamp Port for Sample Valve
    1" Tri-Clamp Temperature Port
    1.5" Tri-Clamp bottom drain
    Rotating Racking Arm

All Fermenters come with all valves and fittings to make a working tank (does not include solenoid valves for temperature control)

Fermenter Sizes We Offer:
SW = Single Wall
J/I = Jacketed and Insulated
2 bbl (SW) (J/I)
3.5 bbl (SW) (J/I)
4 bbl (SW) (J/I)
5 bbl (SW) (J/I)
7 bbl (SW) (J/I)
10 bbl (SW) (J/I)
15 bbl (J/I)
20 bbl (J/I)
30 bbl (J/I)
40 bbl (J/I)
60 bbl (J/I)
80 bbl (J/I)
90 bbl (J/I)
100 bbl (J/I)